Using Eggs to Engage

This time of year is always a fun time in the classroom; by now, the kids have learned to work independently & your classroom is like a well oiled machine, it could practically run itself! While everyone may have a little bit of spring fever, they're ready to go outside, ready for nicer weather, and especially ready for spring break; I always like to do some fun & engaging activities to keep everyone on track. And plastic eggs are a cheap (and fun) way to get the kids up & moving while having fun learning & reviewing! Here's a few ways I like to use plastic eggs that you can try in your own classroom...
No matter how old they are, kids love a good old fashioned egg hunt!! It's definitely a fun way to engage students & there are so many things you could put inside the eggs besides candy...although there's always room for candy too! 

1. Writing Prompts: Write short writing prompts on paper & slip them into the eggs. As students find the eggs, they can pull out the writing prompt, find a spot & write. You can put the same prompt in all of the eggs or do a variety of prompts so each students' writing is different.
2. Word Problems: Create word problems to put in the eggs. This is a fun center that you could incorporate into your math rotation or as an activity students can do as they finish their work. Students can find an egg & then work to complete the word problem. When they're done, my students love to hide the egg again & then find a new one! They're up & moving & they have motivation to complete the task so that they can hide the egg & find another.

3. Crack Open Sentences: I love to fill the eggs with short or incomplete sentences that students can "crack open." Students can find the eggs, crack them open (literally) & find the sentences inside. They have to work to make the sentence "juicier" by adding in more vivid words & details. For example, they may find a sentence that reads, "It was a cold day." It's their job to spice it up! "The chill sent shivers down my spine when I stepped outside!"  When they finish they can hide their egg & find another!
4. Rewards: I love to fill the eggs with special classroom rewards & hide them. You can have students choose an egg when they exhibit good behavior or work it in to your current reward or behavior system.  My class has a class economy, so the eggs could also be added into our store!

5. A QR Code Surprise: If your class is like mine (and if you're like me) then I'm sure they love QR codes!! You can make QR codes & put them inside the eggs. There are so many possibilities with QR could use writing prompts, math problems, link to a website to help research for a social studies or science topic.  You can do anything with QR codes, and your students are sure to love them all!
With eggs that come apart in two pieces, what better game to play than matching! There are so many things you could put on the eggs to match, and the kids will love finding the matching pieces on their own or with partners! All you need is a Sharpie & eggs! 

1. Root words: On the tops of the eggs write a variety of prefixes and on the bottoms write a variety of root words. Students can match prefixes & root words & write the word's new meaning.

2. Math facts: A quick & easy matching game to play is to write math facts on the eggs. You can write any sort of facts: multiplication, division, equivalent fractions, decimal-fraction equivilants, so many possibilities! Put all the eggs in a basket & let the matching begin!

3. Punctuation practice: Another quick prep game is to write sentences on the eggs with missing punctuation. Students will have to figure out the missing punctuation & match to the sentence. 

4. Easily confused homophones: Some examples that I use their, there, they're; your, you're; hour, our, are...I write the homophones on the tops of the eggs & sentences on the bottom with a blank. Students have to match the homophones to the sentences properly. 

There are so many fun things to do using plastic eggs, and they are such a cheap resource to use! And you don't have to buy a ton of eggs; a quick tip that I do is use hairspray to erase the Sharpie from the eggs! It works so well, and not just on the eggs, it removes Sharpie from most surfaces. 

Do you use eggs in your classroom? What fun things do you do when spring is in the air? 

I hope you enjoy these fun springtime activities!

Happy teaching!


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