End of the Year Activities

The end is so close, testing is finally (hopefully) over, and you're getting ready to pack up for the year.  You want to keep your students engaged until the end, but you also want to have fun!  You may have a fun countdown going, a special party planned, a field trip, or an end of the year picnic...but while in the classroom you still want to incorporate meaningful content.

I love to have my students write to future students in my class.  I love to do this because it is a great way to have students reflect on the year and also is a great first day of school activity.  And I'll be honest, it's one less thing to plan for the first day of school.  I also use this writing as my students' end of the year writing sample, so it kills two birds with one stone!

I have had students write letters and draw pictures with their letters, I have also had students create brochures, "All About 4th Grade," and I have also had my kids write to my future students and then use the Audio Boom app to record themselves reading their tips.  This app records the students and then from the computer I am able to take their recording and turn it into a QR code.  It is so easy!  My current students love this because they get to record themselves...and that's awesome!  And on the first day, my new students love this because they get to use the iPads to scan the codes and they also get to hear from former students!

I also love to have my students make something that they can take home with them.  Since their brochure about my classroom stays in school with me, I love to have them make a memory book about their year.  And as a parent, I also love doing this because it's a sweet keepsake to hold on to.

One of my favorite books to make are paper bag books.  They are so easy to make, for kids of any age, and the kids love them!  Have you tried making a paper bag book?  It's as easy as folding and stapling!

This is a great activity to have students complete while you are tying up loose ends in the classroom or finishing end of the year assessments with individual students.

I also love to use the end of the year for fun activities such as Genius Hour.  This will keep your students engaged right to the end and is flexible enough so that it can fit right in to your crazy end of the year schedule when you need them!  I love to use this pack from Literacy for Big Kids for my Genius Hour with my class.

STEM activities are also perfect for the end of the year to keep students engaged because many are quick activities and you may be ready to throw out some materials you are finding stashed away in those cupboards....why not put them to good use?

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Now you can hop on over to my friend Shaunda from Upper Elementary Adventures to find some more really great end of the year tips!

Happy Teaching!


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