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January Resources and Digital Updates

You will just love these digital resources to make this a memorable January. These January resources are sure to add a mix of fun and excitement to your classroom this winter. You'll find everything you need if you are teaching face to face, hybrid, or virtually.  All digital updates are also included with the printable resources.

Here are some of the latest updates at Two Little Birds

1. New Year Goal Setting Digital Updates

This pack is full of activities to help you get the New Year started right by setting goals with your class with digital updates. First, you can reflect on the previous year and look to the year ahead with January resources.  Second, this pack is updated each year, so with your purchase, you will have updates to use each year.  Lastly, there is now a digital version available with digital slides for students to set the New Year goals.

You can check out this pack and all of the updates HERE.

2. January Resources: Close Reading Passages

There are four January themed passages with reading response pages and extension activities.  The themes are New Year's Resolutions, The Presidential Inauguration, Winnie the Pooh, and Ellis Island.  Lastly, the passages are engaging and the response pages dig deep into close reading.  There are digital slides included for all of the passages, responses, and extension activities.

Find these Janaury resoruce passages and the digital updates HERE.

3. Martin Luther King Jr. Webquest

This webquest takes students through different websites to read, listen, and learn more about Martin Luther King Jr. and his life.  There are meaningful quotes, facts, information, and more. Lastly, there are three options with digital slides, qr codes to scan, or Symbaloo tiles to click and visit the sites.  There are 5 meaningful activities to complete as students complete their research.

You can find this webquest with the newly added digital notebook HERE.

4. Foldable Books

Foldable books are a great way to get back in the swing of things after break.  They are great for special occasions for morning work or morning meetings.  All of these books now have a digital version added and are only $2.

First, you can find this fun winter break memories foldable book HERE.

Second, celebrate the New Year with THIS foldable book.

Third, grab the Martin Luther King Jr. foldable book HERE. (NOTE: this is also included in the webquest pack)

Lastly, cross your fingers for a snow day and grab this fun book to do the next day HERE.

Check out the bundle of foldable books for the entire year HERE.  There are currently 31 books in the bundle and I'm always adding more!

5. January Teacher Pack

This pack has digital agenda slides, digital stickers, a digital book review, printable bookmarks, and printable to do lists with January themes.  Whether in your virtual or face to face classroom, it will help keep you organized for the New Year.

You can grab this whole pack for only $2 throughout the month of January HERE.

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Here are some of my favorite January books.

And check out a week's worth of plans to help you transition back after break here.

I hope you've found some resources and digital updates to help you throughout January!

Happy Teaching!

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