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“Our Class is a Family”- A Free Pack of Activities

“Our Class is a Family” is a wonderful book to read aloud to your students to create a positive classroom community. Your students will feel loved and welcomed in your classroom with this sweet read aloud book.

And I have everything you need to talk about the book and meaningful activities that will open up great conversations with your students:

  • Directions for assigning digital slides and a link to 10 activities on Google slides.
  • A “cheat sheet” for reading the book with vocab, related skills, discussions, and activities.
  • Ten activities to use-available as full page printables or journal size printables.
  • A class collaborative project.
  • A classroom poster.

ALL of this, just for you! Because I know that reading aloud to your students has so many benefits and I know this book will have a lasting impact on your students throughout the year.

I'd love to see how you're using this book and the activities in your classroom! Tag me on Instagram or send me your photos at [email protected]

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