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Tackling Back to School Paperwork

The first day of school is always cra-zy!!!  There is so much to do; from getting to know your students to procedures to supplies…and then there's the paperwork!

There is so much paperwork at the beginning of the year to send home to families.  You want them to know everything about your own classroom, supplies, rules, etc…but you also have to send home paperwork from your school and district too.

I try to make things easier for parents (and myself) by creating one envelope with all papers to send home on the first day.  Parents can read through and sign papers that need to be signed and send it all back right in the same envelope.

Why not use take home folders?

I have found this to be easier than simply using students' take home folders because I can get all of the paperwork packed into envelopes ahead of time, saving time on the first day.  I do not have to worry about handing out papers, putting in mailboxes, etc.  Envelopes are ready to go and each child just has one thing to carry home on the first day.

How will this help me?

This is not only a time saver for the first day, but it is much easier when students start bringing back all of the signed paperwork.  I separate the paperwork into categories and copy on different colored paper so that it is easy to sort as it comes back from the students.  You can categorize by papers that parents will keep home, getting to know you papers, dismissal/arrival forms, permission slips (photography, internet, etc.), and volunteer forms.  When students start bringing back alllllll the paperwork it is easy to sort by color to save some time!

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Happy Teaching!

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