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5 Tips for Shopping the Teachers Pay Teachers Sale

The Teachers Pay Teachers site-wide sale only happens a few times a year, and it is always a great time to grab resources that are helpful for you and your students.  Finding meaningful and relevant resources to use can save you time while engaging your students.  And during the Teachers Pay Teachers sale, you can get resources for up to 25% off!!  I have a few tips for shopping the site-wide sale that I wanted to fill you in on…because I love a good deal and I'm sure you do too! And the site-wide sale is such a great time to stock up on and save!

1. Leave feedback to earn credits

Did you know you can earn TpT credits to use on your purchases? When you click on “My Purchases” you can click “Leave a Review” to leave feedback on past purchases.  With your feedback, you earn credits!   I absolutely LOVE getting your feedback, and it's an added bonus that you get credits too!  When you checkout, there is a spot to use your “TpT credits” noted as your “account balance” and you will see the sale discount and your credit discount at checkout.

2. Shop for big bundles

Big bundles are at their lowest prices during the Teachers Pay Teachers site-wide sale! If you have switched grade levels or you're just looking for something new to try, you can shop now for bundles and save BIG!  Bundles are many times already discounted to help you save, so when they go on sale, they are deeply discounted.  You can check out some of my favorite bundles HERE.

3. Fill your cart more than once

If you're shopping for big bundles, you can always buy the bundle, take a good look at it, and then go back the next day to leave some meaningful feedback. Then you've earned credits to go back and shop for more! Yay!!  (Make sure you take a good look at the bundle before leaving any feedback and wait 24 hours as per Teachers Pay Teachers policy for feedback.)

4. Don't forget to use the code! 

Seriously, I always do this! DON'T FORGET to enter the code at checkout. And also, right under the checkout, don't forget to use your TpT credits as your “account balance”. Get the most bang for your buck and don't skip these steps!  Remember: the code is for an extra 5% off the already discounted items.  My store is 20% off of everything (even bundles) and the code brings it to 25% off at the checkout with the extra 5%.

5. Stock up!

While you are shopping for bundles and things that you may need for your classroom right now, also check out seasonal and holiday resources to stock up on. Thinking ahead can save you money for those special times of the year and special occasions that you know you will be looking for fun and engaging activities!

These are just a few tips to help as you're stocking up!

Now is such a great time to grab resources that you will use throughout the year.

  • You can save BIG on my Write on Point bundle and be set for writing workshop for the whole year! Woo hoo!
  • And you can check out all of the Write on Point units HERE.
  • My Launching Reading Workshop unit is included in the sale.  Yay!!
  • And you can grab the membership for the entire year! #lifesaver
  • Some of my favorite bundles are also 25% off and will be helpful to you throughout the whole year…check out my close reading bundle and foldable book bundle!
  • I love teaching a growth mindset and this pack has everything you need!
  • Book clubs are my favorite, you can grab the whole pack to get started.  You can read more about how I get book clubs started HERE.
  • I love using a class economy ,it is my favorite class management system.  Read more about how I start the economy in my classroom HERE.
  • Reading conferences are made easy with THIS pack.  And you can read more about reading conferences HERE.
  • You can check out all of my favorite resources for Reading Workshop HERE.

I hope you find some great resources! If you are looking for a resource to help you out or have any questions, just let me know and I will help you find what you need!

Happy shopping and happy teaching!

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