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You Matter: Activities to Build Self-Love

There are so many things to love about “You Matter” by Chris Robinson. In just the title itself, the book feels welcoming and brings a warm feeling in knowing the message that the pages will bring is that we all matter. Imagine students hearing those words and feeling the encouragement that they bring.

The book is filled with text and illustrations that travel from ocean, land, and space. The story helps children understand that everyone matters. The book is bright and beautiful and will draw you and your students in right from the dedication: “For anyone who isn't sure if they matter, you do.”

It is a great story about embracing the ups and downs in life, sharing your feelings, and knowing that YOU matter. Sharing this book with your students will help build relationships with your students as well as build their own self-love and worth.

“You Matter” Activities

“You Matter” can have a lasting impact on your students. Here are a few activities that you can do with your students after reading the book:

Reaching goals

Students can share a time something felt out of reach and explain why. They can reflect on this time and set goals for something that may feel is out of their comfort zone.

Expressing Feelings

Students can show their feelings by connecting to parts of the book:

  • lonliness
  • loss
  • failure

Students can also recognize when their feelings are BIG and when they are small.

I Matter-You Matter

Students can reflect on why they matter, when they feel they matter, and also how they can make sure that others know that they matter too.

Class Discussions:

“You Matter” also brings up some great discussions about:

  • embracing ups and downs in life
  • how your life can have an impact other's lives
  • the great things you have to do in your life
  • why you matter to others
  • how to accept failure and move on from it
  • setting and reaching goals

I could go on and on about “You Matter” and the impact it can have on your readers. You will love the messages shared while students are engaged in the beautiful illustrations and meaningful words. I hope you and your students love it!

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