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March Activities for Upper Elementary Students

March can be an exciting month in your upper elementary classroom. There is the excitement of a new month ahead, hope for the arrival of spring, warmer temperatures that allow you to get outside again, and longer days that bring hope for new beginnings.  And with the excitement of spring, comes excitement in the classroom. And as you start the countdown to spring break (maybe even the end of the year), March can be filled with meaningful and engaging activities that will help your students as you prepare for the month ahead as well as the test prep season. Here are some favorite March activities and books for upper elementary students.

notebooks and markers for march with the heading: March activities and books.

1. St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day has a lot of fun themes that you can work into the day to celebrate; sneaky leprechauns, pots of gold, rainbows, lucky clovers, and more all make for fun activities that can still align with your content.

Foldable books are a favorite on special days because you can assign them in the morning and use them to guide your morning meetings. This allows kids to talk about St. Patrick's Day while completing some really fun writing prompts, and the book becomes a cute keepsake to send home too. It's the perfect way to start off “the top o' the morning.” (See what I did there?)

Another great way to work in the luck of the Irish to your day is to write lucky limericks. Limericks have Irish roots, which make them the perfect writing activity for St. Patrick's Day!

You can grab this free limerick pack below!

You can also create a fun display where students can display the books that they are “lucky” to have! It's a great way to get students excited about the books that they are reading and to find recommendations from their friends.

Students can learn about the history of St. Patrick's Day and complete close reading comprehension pages too. Close reading is a great way to work test prep into the day while also having fun with the St. Patrick's Day theme. Students can also watch a quick video about St. Patrick's Day and how it is celebrated with an extension activity that is great for early finishers.

A few favorite books that you can read on St Patrick's Day:

Jamie O'Rourke and The Big Potato | How to Catch a Leprechaun | There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Clover | Fiona's Luck | The Leprechaun Trap | Discovery in the Woods: A St. Patrick's Day Surprise | Magic Tree House: Leprechaun in Late Winter | O'Sullivan Stew

There are so many great activities to do with students to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

You can find close reading passages HERE.

You can find the foldable book HERE.

Grab the free limerick pages HERE.

Find all of your favorite books to read HERE.

2. Women's History Month

There are so many amazing ways to celebrate Women's History Month. It is a great time to dive deep into the contributions, struggles, and triumphs of women that have worked to make the world a better place for women.

What a great way to encourage and empower girls, by learning about the trailblazers that have come before them! You can have your students write short biography reports about a famous woman or an important woman in their lives. There are SO many amazing women to discuss, I could go on and on…and I did in a whole separate post!

You can read more about Women's History Month and find the books and activities that I love in THIS POST. You can grab a free Women's History biography report too.

3. Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras can be a fun holiday to celebrate with your students. It is filled with history, floats, fanfare, traditions, and more.

Students can read more about Mardi Gras HERE.

You can have students decorate masks, talk about the traditional food, or even create their own floats!

A few favorite books that you can read for Mardi Gras:

Beignets for Breakfast | The Bourbon Street Band is Back | The Runaway Beignet | Mimi's First Mardi Gras

4. March Madness

Sometimes March feels like Madness, lol! But the basketball tournament is a fun theme to incorporate in the classroom too. Cinderella stories, bracket busters, Final Four, buzzer-beating shots…they are all exciting ideas to bring to your kids, and they can help create excitement, hope, and a little bit of drama in the classroom.

You can use brackets to have your students debate and choose favorite books, or any topic of your choice. Your students will love debating and choosing their favorites to get down to the “Final Four” and choose the winner.

You can do fun “basketball” themed games; a fun math review is matching the basketball to the basket for division and multiplication facts.

Students can read more about March Madness, complete comprehension pages, and read about March Madness too.

A few favorite basketball books that you can read during March Madness:

Salt in His Shoes | Bravo, Tavo! | Slam Dunk: Top 10 Lists of Everything Basketball | B is for Baller | Game Time, Mallory | Dream Big: Michael Jordan and the Pursuit of Excellence | Crossover | Above the Rim

5. The Beginning of Spring

Woo hoo! The excitement of spring is here! I love the fresh beginning that spring brings. You can beat “spring fever” with some spring activities and books that will be meaningful, purposeful, yet still fun.

The countdown to spring break is probably ON! (for everyone) When you return, the kids are sure to be excited to talk about it. You can have them complete a foldable book as they come in the morning and then use your morning meeting to share their writing prompts. It will give your kids a chance to get the spring break discussions out in an “organized” way.

You can also use this free spring foldable book on the first day of spring to welcome the new season. The foldable book includes short but meaningful prompts and is great to send home. And it is very low prep, just print two-sided and fold! Kids love folding their own books!

And there are so many great spring books to read too!!

Here are a few books you might like to read to welcome Spring:

The Gardener | Goodbye Winter, Hello Spring | Stuck | Inch by Inch | Outside In | Spring Stinks | And Then It's Spring | Waiting | Busy Spring | Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt | A Way with Wild Things

6. Holi

Holi is an ancient Hindu festival to celebrate spring. It is celebrated for two days after a full moon and is known for the tradition of throwing colorful powder or water. People fill the streets for the festival, sing, dance, and celebrate the importance of good over evil. The expression of togetherness and friendship are the roots of the festival as it marks the end of the cold winter and the welcoming of spring.

Here are a few books you might like to read to during Holi:

Festival of Colors | Tai and the Festival of Color | Holi Hai

7. Cesar Chavez Day

Cesar Chavez Day is celebrated on March 31st to celebrate the life of Cesar Chavez and his fight for equal rights for migrant workers. His life and fight for equal rights is one that will have a lasting impact on your students.

You can have students read about Cesar Chavez and his life and watch a short video about him.

Here are a few books you might like to read about Cesar Chavez:

Harvesting Hope: The Story of Cesar Chavez | Who Was Cesar Chavez? | A Picture Book of Cesar Chavez

I hope you found some new books and activities for March. I also hope that your classroom is filled with lots of luck, learning, and light as the days become longer and you welcome spring.

Must-Have March Favorites:

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Happy Teaching!

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