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Quick Assessments: Formative Assessment, Exit Tickets


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Are you looking for quick ways to assess student understanding? These quick assessment journals are perfect for any lesson.

There is a digital and printable version that includes 50 formative assessments for you to quickly check student understanding. Your students can use “The Parking Lot” to park all of their thoughts and questions each day.


“The Parking Lot” is meant to be a journal (digital or printable) where students can “park their thoughts and questions” after a lesson or the end of the day.

You may carefully choose a page for students to fill out based on what you want to know…do you want to know what questions they have, what they are proud of, how they are feeling about a topic, what they are still wondering about…you can determine what page is a good fit for your own needs and have students complete. Once students are comfortable with using the “Parking Lot” journals, you can also allow students to choose what page fits them on a particular day or according to the topic discussed.


The printable journal pages are made to fit in a composition notebook. The notebook will be the spot where students can write down any thoughts or questions.

Journal covers are included on the next pages and can be glued, Mod Podge, or attached with contact paper to the front of a notebook.

You can also choose to print and cut the pages without using a notebook.


The digital version is also set up as a notebook via Google Slides™. The table of contents is clickable so students are able to click on the title to jump to the page. You can add or delete slides as necessary. There are choices for journal covers, you can delete those you do not want to use.

This can be a wonderful tool to use through virtual learning to assess how students are feeling and where students may need more support.

Using formative assessments will allow you to get to know your students as learners, see where and when they struggle, allow you to group students according to their struggles and strength, will help you to identify specific questions, and help you determine how you can teach and re-teach skills or concepts when needed.

It will shape the way you plan your lessons by allowing you to tailor the lessons to your students’ needs. It will take the focus away from grades and bring the focus onto the learning process by embracing the questions and comments students pose. Looking at the questions students have at the end of a lesson or the end of the day allows you to re-evaluate what you will teach, and how you will teach it, tomorrow.

50 quick assessments include:

  1. Before I Go (question)
  2. Before I Go (enjoy)
  3. Before I Go (surprise)
  4. Before I Go (opinion)
  5. Before I Go (excited)
  6. Just Wondering
  7. I Thought You’d Never Ask
  8. 3-2-1 (1)
  9. 3-2-1-(2)
  10. 3-2-1 (3)
  11. Green-Yellow-Red
  12. Be the Teacher
  13. Write a Letter
  14. What’s Next
  15. Quick Check
  16. My Road Map
  17. Stuck in the Mud
  18. Mind Map
  19. Just 1 More
  20. When It Sticks (sticky notes)
  21. When It Sticks (glue)
  22. Proud Moment
  23. My Feelings
  24. Words of Wisdom
  25. My A-HA Moment
  26. It Got Me Thinking
  27. Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down
  28. Create a Question
  29. Beat the Clock
  30. On the Road Again
  31. Comic Book
  32. #Hashtagit
  33. Simile for Learning
  34. Check Me Out
  35. Glow & Grow
  36. 2 Truths and a Lit
  37. Top 3
  38. Top 5
  39. The Playlist
  40. Changes
  41. Reflections
  42. Create an Advertisement
  43. Extra! Extra!
  44. The First Five
  45. Show What You Know
  46. Problem Solver
  47. My Podcast
  48. W.I.P.
  49. X Marks the Spot
  50. Double Entry Journal

If you have any questions, please use the Q&A section or email me at [email protected].


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