Teaching personal narrative writing is always a favorite. Students truly have a chance to tell THEIR stories and put their memories, traditions, and stories to paper. It really makes them feel like true writers.

One of my favorite ways to help students focus on the craft of writing narrative stories is through mentor text. Carefully picking a mentor text based on the skills you want students to focus on can really help students shine as writers.

Here are a few of my favorite mentor text to use as you teach personal narratives.  

You can grab a free sample lesson and a complete list of the mentor text mentioned above here:

I hope this gives you some ideas as you plan for teaching personal narratives.  This workshop will expire at the end of the week when our Upper Elementary Event comes to an end.  If you would like a link to view this video again, at any time, please enter your information below and I will send you the link.

If you would like to share the lesson or resources provided, please send your friends and colleagues to the event to grab the free resources while they last!

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