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A Soundtrack for a Growth Mindset

Everyone enjoys music!  Hearing a tune can bring back a memory, create new memories feelings. Music is also an important part of child development and skills. We sing nursery rhymes to kids from a young age…and there is a reason for it! It helps the body and mind work together, helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words, and with overall literacy. Learning song lyrics also helps memory development.  And there are so many amazing songs with uplifting messages that teach a growth mindset, you can promote a growth mindset as you listen along.

There are so many ways to use music in your classroom; changing the lyrics to fit a lesson, learning a song about the 50 states, singing a song about lining up…the possibilities are endless! 

Music can become a regular part of your student's day.  Playing music in the classroom may seem like it can be a distraction, but many times the opposite is true.  Students can sing along quietly to themselves as they work, they may begin to work quietly so that they can hear the music, and it also serves as a noise monitor: if you cannot hear the music, then it is too loud! 

And just like everything that you do throughout your day, your music can be purposeful too. Creating a playlist that promotes a growth mindset is a fun way to intentionally feed students with positivity.  Listening to the lyrics and hearing the students repeat them is so inspiring! 

When you think of songs that promote a growth mindset, what songs would you add to your playlist?  Here are some of my favorites! 

1.  Shakira-Try Everything

Have you seen Zootopia?  The overall message of the movie is a lesson we can all appreciate and Shakira as the gazelle is also an added bonus!  “Try Everything” is not only a catchy song but it really is the epitome of a growth mindset with lyrics like, “I mess up but I'll start again.” And, “I wanna try even though I could fail.” 

The whole song is just waiting to be a poster hanging in classrooms!! 

Growth mindset gold, friends!!  When your students are walking around singing those words, you can only smile!!

2.  Katy Perry-Firework

When this song first came out, my class performed it in the school talent show and it will always remind me of that time. As soon as I heard the lyrics, I knew that it was something special that kids needed to hear.  I had each student write what made them a “firework” and took pictures of them holding their signs and those pictures played on a slideshow in the background.  Every time I hear this song, it reminds me of that performance and how special it was…and it just makes me want to sing along too!

Image result for katy perry firework

We can teach our kids that they are each a firework-unique and special in their own ways!  This song is always a favorite with kids and when they are singing along, I'm sure you will be singing along too!! 

3.  Will.I.Am-What I Am 

I am not going to lie…I have been known to put this song on repeat because I just can't get enough.  I love it so much!  It is such a fun song, and while it is from Sesame Street, kids of any age love it and benefit from the amazing message. 

Image result for will i am sesame

This song is full of lines that are so encouraging and when your kids are singing along with these powerful affirmations, you can't help but smile! 

4.  Bruno Mars-Don't Give Up

Ok, fine, you caught me…I love the songs from Sesame Street!  But, really?  What's not to love!!  This song is always a favorite. 

And it's Bruno Mars…so you know it's a catchy tune!  The message is a powerful one that can turn into a great conversation as well! 

Have I gone too far with the Sesame Street songs?  Or maybe just one more?

5.  Janelle Monae-The Power of Yet

This song is truly what a growth mindset is ALL about!  The “power of yet” teaches kids not to give up; you may not be able to do something…YET!!  Don't get frustrated, just add “yet” to the end of your sentence. 

Image result for sesame street the power of yet

I love to pair this song with growth mindset activities because the power of YET is truly powerful.  When you add “yet” to your thoughts, you are capable of anything!

Music allows us to be creative, makes the classroom environment more enjoyable, creates an uplifting mood in your classroom, and maximizes student learning.

I made a playlist with many more of my favorite songs to listen to with students. They each have a great message, catchy tunes your kids will love, and they're secretly a game-changer for your classroom. (This playlist is available through Spotify) Enjoy!

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Happy Teaching!

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