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Why is Reading Aloud Important?

There is something so special about reading with students, hearing their excitement, listening to their questions, and having discussions.  Reading aloud provides a connection between kids and characters, but also between you and your students, and students with each other. It helps build a class community, helps bring up hard topics, opens communication between you and your students, and so much more!!  Reading a book gives students so many opportunities and opens so many discussions.  YOU are giving them these experiences by simply opening a book and reading.  It's pure magic!

the importance of reading aloud

Reading aloud to your students gives them a chance to listen to a book that they may not have chosen on their own.  And by listening to that book, they are able to build empathy and awareness for experiences that are not their own.

reading aloud helps children build empathy

Why is reading aloud beneficial?

Research shows that reading to children is one of the single largest predictors of higher academic achievement.  Students are exposed to a variety of text, vocabulary, writing styles, and more.  Reading aloud helps build vocabulary, models writing skills, and builds stamina for listening. This helps with kids' attention span.  And, student engagement, motivation, and interest are all enhanced when they are read to.

teacher reading aloud to students

Whenever something happens in the world, at home, or in the classroom or there is a topic that I want to talk about with my kids, I share a book.  A book is the perfect discussion starter.

Reading aloud and sharing a diverse set of books in your classroom sets the tone for reading in your classroom and gets your students excited about reading.

How can you create lifelong readers?

  • Read, read, read!  Share books with your students and share them often.
  • Give students time to read.
  • Read for fun without an assignment attached.
  • Talk about books.
  • Share what you are reading.
reading aloud is pure magic

Our Class is a Family” by Shannon Olsen is a great book to share with your students to build your classroom community.  Your students will feel loved and welcomed in your classroom with this sweet read-aloud book.

I have 10 activities for you to try to go along with “Our Class is a Family”.  There are so many reading and writing skills that can be taught with this book. The focus of each of these activities is the social-emotional component.

free our class is a family activities

When you share your love of reading with your students, they will learn to love reading too. Having a regular time or schedule for reading aloud in your classroom has so many benefits for your students, no matter their age! If you can squeeze in five minutes or have time for half an hour of read-aloud time, your students are reaping the benefits! I hope you found some ideas and reasons to incorporate a daily read-aloud in your classroom. I love talking about all things reading, let me know what your class is reading!

Find some favorite read-aloud resources:

Happy Reading!

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