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Tomorrow Most Likely: Activities That Activate Students’ Imaginations

“Tomorrow Most Likely” by Dave Eggers is an unexpected favorite read-aloud with whimsical pictures and just the right spark of imagination.  This book starts with a young boy in bed…don’t skip this title page illustration as it shows the imaginative mastermind behind the rest of the story.  We can imagine this boy cannot sleep, just thinking of what tomorrow may bring; each day is full of possibility, even if there are routines and knowns in our everyday lives, there is still room for the unknown.  The story explores all of the wonderful and strange things that tomorrow might bring.  It allows kids to imagine the possibilities in each day and also to understand that no matter what today holds (good or bad) there is always tomorrow, full of new chances.

Skills to teach with “Tomorrow Most Likely”:

  • Theme
  • Setting
  • Inferences
  • Point of view
  • Summarizing
  • Visualizing 

Important Discussions:

  • There is always something to look forward to
  • There is beauty around you when you look around
  • You are important and tomorrow will be great because you are in it

Here are 5 meaningful activities to accompany “Tomorrow Most Likely.”

5 Favorite Activities for “Tomorrow Most Likely”:

1. Opportunity knocks

Ask students what sort of opportunities do they hope each day brings.  Discuss, if a door opened to the world, what do you think that would mean?  What opportunities do you hope would be waiting for you?  Students may think of material things, opportunities with their hobbies, extracurricular activities, family time or memories, or anything that they see as an opportunity.

2. Imagine it

The story is just such a great imaginative text that allows your students to use their own imaginations.  If there were a plane…where would you want it to go?  Students can write about where they would like to go and what they would do there.  You can have students share if they are comfortable and tell about where they would go and what they would do.  Lots of fun conversations to have when you see how different everyone’s travels would be!

3. Bringing up memories

Sometimes smells can bring up memories for us.  Think about distinct smells that you can recognize anywhere; students can brainstorm and you can help get the ball rolling.  Smells of baking, the outdoors, pets, or any other things that students think of can hold special meaning.  Students can write about a memory that they think of any time there is a familiar smell.

This may be something kids have not thought of before and sharing your own examples can help them as they think of familiar smells that trigger our memories.

4. Positive talk

While we can think of so many things that can happen tomorrow, one of the most important takeaways from the story is that no matter what has happened today, tomorrow can be great.  Mostly because you will be in it. 

Students can think of things they can say or do when they have had a bad day.  This can serve as a reminder to them on those days that there is always tomorrow.  Their small words of encouragement can be what they need to remember tomorrow is a new day.  Students that are comfortable can share and you can even create a jar or something filled with these encouraging words that students can take when they need them.

5. What will tomorrow bring?

Each day holds something new.  Students can think of something that they hope tomorrow will bring.

Tomorrow Most Likely is a great story that allows so many great conversations with your kids.  You will enjoy the beautiful illustrations while using your own imaginations about what tomorrow can bring.  The lessons and discussions that you have with your students will have a lasting impact.

I hope you and your students love it!

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